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Our Pixelmon Server is a Minecraft server running the Pixelmon Mod.

Server Info

Connection Info

You may enter any of these in the "Server Address" field on Minecraft to connect to the server. Use the the DNS Name before directly connecting to the IP, because the IP may be changed.

Public Server

VIP Server

Current Version

These are the versions of the needed mods we're using on the server.

  • Minecraft 1.8.9
  • FML (forge) Build 1902
  • Pixelmon 4.2.7


  • Do/What kits do we have?
  • We do not have any kits other than the ones provided in donor packages and the starter kit.
  • What is going to be in the event?
  • We're not going to tell you. That would spoil it.
  • Can I be staff?
  • Apply on the forums.
  • Do we have a YouTube rank?
  • No, sorry.
  • Is there a reward for referring players to the server?
  • No, sorry.
  • Is there a reward for voting?
  • There will be, but we have not implemented this yet.




Voting has not been set up yet, however it will be soon.

Server Hardware


All of our servers are hosted on dedicated machines in Tier 4 Datacenters. This server is run on our own privately-owned hardware hosted in Ashburn, VA.

Hardware Specs

All of our hardware was selected for maximum single-threaded gaming performance.

Server Mods

This is a list of mods installed on this server.

NMS-Level Mods

Minecraft Mods

  • Forge Mod Loader
  • Pixelmon
  • Sponge-Forge
  • Stalker
  • DynMap

Pixelmon Side Mods

  • SpawnOfPsyduck
  • PixelExtras
  • PixelAnnouncer
  • Gym Wars: Feebas Unleashed
  • EVs/IVs

Sponge API Mods

  • Nexus PLUS
  • WhoWas
  • Project Worlds
  • PEX api4
  • Ore Alerts
  • Kits
  • Grief Prevention
  • Command Signs
  • BuycraftX


Current Version

Pixelmon requires Java 8 to function; it will not run with any older versions.

  • Download Forge Installer for Minecraft 1.8.9 latest (build 1902)
  • Run the installer > Install Client > Ok
  • Download Pixelmon version 4.2.7 - 1.8.9 - Recommended (Do not download the launcher!!!)
  • Navigate to .minecraft
    • Open File Explorer
    • Type in the bar %appdata%
    • Open .minecraft
  • Create a folder called mods
  • Move Pixelmon-1.8.9-4.2.7-universal.jar file into the mods folder
  • Open the Minecraft Launcher
  • Edit Profile
    • Set “Use Version” to “release 1.8.9-forge1.8.9-”
    • Under “JVM Arguments”, change “-Xmx1G” to “-Xmx4G”
    • Save Profile
  • Play Pixelmon! Connect: poke.aurean.com

Older Versions

Installation Support

If you need help, we can offer support on our Teamspeak Server


This server takes donations from [donate.aurean.com donate.aurean.com]