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Nexus PLUS is a fork of Nexus created using the SpongeAPI.

Nexus is an essential commands plugin with over 100 commands. It features lightweight configuration, MySQL support, permissions, and colored chat formatting.

The main focus of Nexus PLUS is to improve upon and add new features to Nexus. Command usage and optimization are the main improvements being added to Nexus.

Commands and Permissions

Nexus Feature
Feature added in Nexus PLUS
Feature modified in Nexus PLUS
Feature to be added in Nexus Plus
Feature removed in Nexus Plus
Command Permission Node Description Default
/kick <player> [reason] nexus.kick Kicks a specified player from the game. false
/ban <player> <reason> nexus.ban Bans a specified player from the server. false
/tempban <player> <unit> <reason> nexus.tempban Temporarily bans a specified player from the server for a specified time. false
nexus.tempban-unlimited Temporarily bans a specified player from the server for an unlimited specified time. false
/unban <player> nexus.unban Unbans a specified player from the server false
/banlist check <player> nexus.banlist.check Checks if a player is banned from the server false
/banlist list [keyword] nexus.banlist.list Lists server bans false
/banlist rollback <sender> nexus.banlist.rollback Rolls the banlist back a specified amount of time false
/mute <player> <time> <unit> [reason] nexus.mute Mutes a specified player false
nexus.mute-unlimited Mutes a specified player for an unlimited amount of time false
/unmute <player> nexus.unmute Unmutes a specified player false
/tp <player> [target] Teleports the sender to a target false Teleports target1 to target2 false
/tphere <player> nexus.tphere Teleports target to the sender false
/tpa <player> nexus.tpa Sends a request to teleport the sender to target false
/tpahere <player> nexus.tpahere Sends a request to teleport the target to the sender false
/tpaccept <player> nexus.tpaccept Accept a teleport request false
/tpdeny <player> nexus.tpdeny Deny a teleport request false
/tpdeath [player] nexus.tpdeath Teleport to your last death point false
nexus.tpdeath.others Teleport to other's last death points false
/tppos <x> <y> <z> nexus.tppos Teleport to a ordered triple false
/tppos [player] <x> <y> <z> nexus.tppos-others Teleport a player to a ordered triple false
/tpswap <target1> [target2] nexus.tpswap Swap locations with the sender and target1, or if specified, swaps the locations of target1 and target2. false
/tpworld <world> nexus.tpworld Teleports the sender to a world false
/ticket create <message> nexus.ticket.create.<1-100> Tickets should work correctly, however they are currently unsupported in Nexus PLUS false
nexus.ticket.create-unlimited false
/ticket list [player] nexus.ticket.list false
/ticket view <id> nexus.ticket.view false
nexus.ticket.view-assigned false
nexus.ticket.view-others false
/ticket comment <id> <message> nexus.ticket.comment false
nexus.ticket.comment-assigned false
nexus.ticket.comment-others false
/ticket tp <id> false false false
/ticket assign <id> <player> nexus.ticket.assign false
nexus.ticket.assign-assigned false
nexus.ticket.assign-others false
/ticket priority <id> <priority> nexus.ticket.priority false
nexus.ticket.priority-assigned false
nexus.ticket.priority-others false
/ticket open <id> false false false
/ticket close <id> nexus.ticket.close false
nexus.ticket.close-assigned false
nexus.ticket.close-others false
/ticket clear nexus.ticket.clear false
/home [name] nexus.home.teleport Teleport one of your set homes. false
/home set [name] nexus.home.set.<1-100> Set a new home. (1-100 is max home limit) false
nexus.home.set-unlimited Set a new home. (unlimited max homes) false
/home delete [name] nexus.home.delete Deletes a home. (No Confirmation!!!) false
/home list nexus.home.list Lists your homes false
/home list [player] nexus.home.list-others Lists another online player's homes false
/home list [keyword] nexus.home.list Lists sender's homes by keyword false
/home move [name] nexus.home.move Moves an already set home to a new location false
/warp <name> nexus.warp.teleport Teleports the sender to teleport to warps false
nexus.warp.teleport.<name> Allows the player to teleport to the warp, granted by default if the user already has "nexus.warp.teleport" TRUE
nexus.warp.teleport-invited Allows the player to teleport to private warps if invited by the owner false
nexus.warp.teleport-private.<name> Allows the player to teleport to a private warp as if they were invited by the owner false
nexus.warp.teleport-unlimited unclear (probably will be removed) false
/warp create <name> nexus.warp.create.<1-100> Creates a new public warp (1-100 is max home limit) false
nexus.warp.create-unlimited Creates a new public warp (unlimited max warps) false
/warp remove <name> nexus.warp.remove Removes your own warp false
nexus.warp.remove-others Removes another player's warp false
/warp list [keyword] nexus.warp.list Lists warps by the keyword false
/warp info <name> Shows the owner, location, availability (is private or not), and invitees of your warp. false Shows the owner, location, availability (is private or not), and invitees of any warp. false
/warp public <name> nexus.warp.public Sets your warp as public false
nexus.warp.public-others Sets any warp as public false
/warp private <name> nexus.warp.private Sets your warp as private false
nexus.warp.private-others Sets any warp as private false
/warp invite <name> nexus.warp.invite Invites a player to your private warp false
nexus.warp.invite-others Invites a player to any private warp false
/warp uninvite <name> nexus.warp.uninvite Uninvites a player to your private warp false
nexus.warp.uninvite-others Uninvites a player to any private warp false
/warp move <name> nexus.warp.move Moves your warp to the sender's current location false
nexus.warp.move-others Moves any warp to the sender's current location false
/spawn [name] nexus.spawn.teleport Teleports to the spawn false
/spawn create [name] nexus.spawn.create Creates a new spawn false
/spawn remove [name] nexus.spawn.remove Removes a spawn false
/spawn list [keyword] nexus.spawn.list Lists spawns with a keyword filter if specified false
/spawn move [name] nexus.spawn.move Moves the spawn to the sender's current location false
/channel <channel> <message><channel> Sends a message in a channel false<channel> Receive messages from a channel false
/channel join <channel><channel> Joins the specified channel false<channel> Automatically joins the channel upon joining false
/channel leave <channel><channel> Leaves the specified channel false
/channel info <channel><channel> Displays info about the channel false
/channel list List available channels false
/i <item> [amount] [data] nexus.item Spawns an item in the sender's inventory false
/give <player> <item> [amount] [data] nexus.give Spawns an item in the target's inventory false
/enchant <enchantment> <level> nexus.enchant Adds an enchantment to the currently held item by the sender if the item can receive the enchantment. false
/time <day|night|sunrise|sunset> [world] Sets the time to day false
nexus.time.night Sets the time to night false
nexus.time.sunrise Sets the time to sunrise false
nexus.time.sunset Sets the time to sunset false
/weather <sun|rain|storm> [world] Sets the weather to sun false Sets the weather to rain false Sets the weather to storm false
/afk nexus.afk Sets the sender afk false
nexus.afk.kick.except Exempts the player from afk kicks false
/motd nexus.motd Shows the MOTD (Message shown on joining) false
/rules nexus.rules Displays the rules.conf file false
/gm <gamemode> [player] nexus.gamemode Changes the sender's gamemode false
nexus.gamemode-others Changes the target's gamemode false
/onlinetime [player] nexus.onlinetime Displays the sender's online play time. false
nexus.onlinetime-others Displays the targets's online play time. false
/whois <player> nexus.whois Displays the player's nickname, afk status, and location false
nexus.whois-ip In addition to all the previous info, the player's IP will be displayed false
/seen <player> nexus.seen Displays when the player first joined and last joined. false
/list nexus.list Lists all online players false
/heal [player] nexus.heal Heals the sender false
nexus.heal-others Heals the target false
/feed [player] nexus.feed Feeds the sender false
nexus.feed-others Feeds the target false
/god [player] nexus.god Enables godmode on the sender false
nexus.god-others Enables godmode on the target false
nexus.god-rejoin Allows godmode to be automatically re-enabled on the player when they rejoin the server false
/vanish [player] nexus.vanish Makes the sender invisible to all other players false
nexus.vanish-others Makes the target invisible to all other players false
/fly [player] Enables flymode on the sender false Enables flymode on the target false
/speed [player] nexus.speed Sets the sender's walk or fly speed false
nexus.speed-others Sets the target's walk or fly speed false
/kill [player] nexus.kill Kills the senders false
nexus.kill-others Kills the target false
/force <player> <command> nexus.force Executes a command as if the target was the sender false
nexus.force.except Disallows users with nexus.force only to run commands on the user. false
nexus.force.override Overrides the nexus.force.exempt node false
/powertool [command] nexus.powertool Powertool runs the specified command when the user right clicks the the tool held when the command was run false
/searchitem <keyword> nexus.searchitem Searches through all items in the server to find all the item ids that match the keyword false
/jump nexus.jump Teleports the sender to the sender's crosshair position false
/butcher [radius] nexus.butcher Kills all mobs. If a radius is specified, only mobs within the radius will be killed. false
/nick [player] <(name)|clear> nexus.nick Sets the player's nickname. If clear is specified, their nickname will be removed. false
nexus.nick-others Allows the sender to change the nickname of others. false
nexus.nick-color Allows the sender to use color codes in the nickname false
/realname <nickname> nexus.realname Finds the real name of a player based on his/her nickname false
/msg <player> <message> nexus.msg Sends a private (admins can see if they have spy enabled) to the target. false
nexus.msg-color Allows the use of color codes in private messages false
/spy nexus.spy Enables the sender to see private messages between other players false
/broadcast <message> nexus.broadcast Sends a server-wide message to all players. false
/fakejoin [name] nexus.fakejoin Sends a fake player join message in chat. false
/fakeleave [name] nexus.fakeleave Sends a fake player leave message in chat. false
/mail send <player> <message> nexus.mail.send Sends a private message to the target false
/mail read Read mail messages sent to you false
/mail clear nexus.mail.clear Deletes all of the user's mail false
/ping Displays the sender's network latency with the server false
/memory nexus.memory Displays the server's memory (RAM) usage false Allows the user to use color codes in chat false
nexus.signs.color Allows the user to use color codes on signs false
/nexus database Displays some of Nexus's database statistics false
/nexus version Displays the currently installed Nexus's version false


  • Warp list revamp (vertical list w/ clickable names and pages)
  • Warp info invited name parsing
  • Show realname when hovering over a nickname (Sponge API issues)
  • Add scheduled announcer
  • Clear Inventory
  • Fix /list